Social Development

Working to eradicate poverty
instead of managing it

Kitsumkalum Social Development provides financial support to eligible adults and dependents living on-reserve who are unable to meet their basic needs.

The following programs are delivered on-reserve:

  • Basic Needs
  • Training Employment Support
  • Special Needs
  • Family Violence Prevention
  • Guardian Financial Assistance
  • Community Support Services
  • Adult In-Home Care
  • National Child Benefit Reinvestment
  • Employment Initiatives, and
  • Community Preventative Services

Programs & Services offered

The Kitsumkalum Social Development Program provides financial support to eligible adults and dependents living on-reserve who are unable to meet their basic needs.

The broad objectives of the Kitsumkalum Social Development Program are:

  • To assist persons living on reserve in maintaining a basic standard of living
  • To prevent dependency by developing individual and family strengths
  • To assist recipients to access services that will enhance their ability to assume primary responsibility for their own affairs

The Kitsumkalum Social Development Program is governed by various Government of Canada authorities.

Links & Resources

Northwest Inter-Nation Family and Community Services Society

Northwest Intern-Nation Family and Community Services Society (NIFCS) manages custody and guardianship for children who have been permanently removed from their homes.  They deliver this service to 9 First Nation communities including Kitsumkalum.

The information sheets below provide information on the various programs available to families and others who are trying to help children who have been apprehended by the Ministry and are in permanent care.

Questions regarding these programs or other items related to their services can be directed to the NIFCS office in Terrace at 250-638-0451 or Toll Free 1-888-310-3311.

More information regarding this organization can also be found on their website: .


Extended Family Program (EFP)

54.1 Custody

Child Out of Parental Home (COPH)



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Contact Info –  Social Department

Shirley Bolan

 250-635-6177 ext. 103