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The Kitsumkalum AGM scheduled for November 15,16, 17 is POSTPONED until further notice.

To Register email: For inquiries, please contact: Jacqueline Martens, GHD |, or Mike Linder, CN |

Public Notice & Reminder. Notice of event first posted: July 28, 2019 Link:

A senior fish technician from Kitsumkalum Fish and Wildlife, along with two of Kitsumkalum’s Fishwheels will be on site at the Big Bar Landslide on the Fraser River lending a hand to capture migrating salmon to be helicoptered around the slide. Kitsumkalum is one of many First Nations helping the province and DFO with the…

Reminder of Kitsumkalum Housing’s Kwinitsa Avenue Phase 006 Project starting August 15, 2019

Jobs North is a unique training initiative by Kitsumkalum that is both hands-on and practical; the six-week program focuses on two key areas for assisting participants to become candidates for construction jobs. One is Industry Certifications; each participant will complete 10 targeted Industry Certifications that will allow them to apply for and enter major construction…

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Getting Ready - Kitsumkalum Youth &
School on Climate Change and Food Security

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