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Kitsumkalum members are invited to check out Kitsumkalum’s Language Revitalization Program’s second survey at The survey is 12 questions long and you will receive a gift card for participating….

Join us for an Online Tea Party & Book Reading of ‘Wii Amap’asm Hana’ax: Sleeping Beauty Mountain. Fully translated Sm’algyax and English book by the late respected Kitsumkalum Elder Mildred…

Everyone welcome! No experience necessary! A night to learn Sm’algyax while exchanging paint tips! Make sure to have a plate or plastic lid to mix colours on. Saturday February 20th,…

January 2, 2021   The New Year is upon us, we send well wishes to all our members. With COVID-19 numbers increasing fast in the neighbouring communities, it’s a fact…

Hello, Kitsumkalum leadership, hear is just a message to us all even at Christmas time of year, we have to keep in mind that COVID – 19 PANDEMIC is slowly…

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Getting Ready - Kitsumkalum Youth &
School on Climate Change and Food Security

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