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Raising Sm’algya̱x – Nursery Rhymes Group on Zoom – Wednesdays, 12 pm to 1 pm Join on ZOOM :: Meeting ID :: 810 5407 7306 Passcode :: Luk’wilAam

January 2, 2021   The New Year is upon us, we send well wishes to all our members. With COVID-19 numbers increasing fast in the neighbouring communities, it’s a fact…

Statistics Canada Census 2021 is looking to hire 100% local for all available positions in Kitsumkalum. Apply now for the Recruitment Clerk position (deadline December 15, 2020) Apply for remaining…

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Job Posting: Bookkeeper Open period: until found Job summary: Part-time, Permanent Remuneration: Pay is dependent on experience, current education & qualifications. Kitsumkalum Development is looking for an experienced bookkeeper to…

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Getting Ready - Kitsumkalum Youth &
School on Climate Change and Food Security

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