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Download: >> Elected Officials .pdf >> Chief Results .pdf >> Council Results .pdf Date posted: February 24, 2021 10:30 pm

Platforms for the Office of Chief – One to be elected: James Cooley Nicole Halbauer Don Roberts Janice Robinson Troy Sam Platforms for the Office of Councillor – Seven to…

>> All nomination forms are available on the elections webpage:

Message from Housing & Property Development – Pandemic During these trying times we are all asked to take every precaution to avoid contact, social distance, wash your hands and wear…

Job Posting: Bookkeeper Open period: until found Job summary: Part-time, Permanent Remuneration: Pay is dependent on experience, current education & qualifications. Kitsumkalum Development is looking for an experienced bookkeeper to…

·       New Canada Recovery Benefits – What to Expect ·       Answers to your questions on paying back the Canada Emergency Response Benefit Additional Links: ·       The Government of Canada launches…

Alcohol use questionnaire through the NNADAP program: Download the questionnaire here. View this questionnaire online here. Blaine Stensgaard, NNADAP Counselor Kitsumkalum Health 250-635-6172

OPEN PERIOD: Until incumbent found 70 hrs. Bi-Weekly LOCATIONS: Kitsumkalum, Terrace B.C. SUMMARY: This is a full time position as the Home Care Nurse and Community Health Nurse. In this…

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