Open/Close Menu Our connection to the land, rivers & coast is central to our way of life as Tsimshian people.

This week the Road and Drainage Crew will be focusing on culvert removals, and watermain installation on Spokeshute Rd. They will be operating machinery on the section of road between…

Congratulations to Kitsumkalum’s Graduates of 2021!

  The Road crew will be on this section of Spokeshute for the next few days. Expect minor delays if driving this route.

Census Canada workers will be delivering information for community members to participate in the 2021 Census on-line. They will be out in Kitsumkalum soon going door-to-door. Here is a link…

Congratulations On April 14, 2021 Richard Roberts serviced his Kitsumkalum CMHC Section 95 account in full. Housing & Property Development, on behalf of Kitsumkalum Chief and Council and the Kitsumkalum…

Friday, April 23, 2021 Kitsumkalum Community is asked to stay alert to suspicious activity and to please call 911 immediately if you see anything out of the ordinary. Kitsumkalum Administration…

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Getting Ready - Kitsumkalum Youth &
School on Climate Change and Food Security

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