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The Community Land Use Plan will create policy statements for how land can be used in different areas of the community for both development and protection.

The plan will contain a set of maps and documents recording the vision of the community.





A review of past and current planning work and community development initiatives has identified several issues the Kitsumkalum Community Land Use Plan will likely need to address and consider with the community.

Some questions for the land use plan to consider are:

What should be done with vacant lots and abandoned houses?
Where to locate new facilities, and what facilities to prioritize?
What about flood risk and climate change?


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Lands: This project is primarily focused on three of Kitsumkalum’s four reserves: Kitsumkalum Village;
Dałk Gyilakyaw (also commonly known as “Robin Town”);
and Zimacord.
Spokeshute (Port Essington) will also be discussed over the course of the project.


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 In 2017, we established a Land Management Committee to guide land code development and land use planning. Currently, this Committee is made up of eight community members interested in land and resource management in the community.

The Land Management Committee will play a vital role in the creation and implementation of our Community Land Use Plan. The committee has developed a set of guiding principles for land and resource management on Kitsumkalum reserve lands, which will inform how we approach this project.


Kitsumkalum Land Management Committee

Our Land Management Committee is a dedicated group of community members that are devoted to how our lands and resources should be used, managed, and conserved to meet the needs and values of our community.

CwebbTroy Sam Photo Land Committee

Lisa Wesley

Lisa joined the Land Management Committee to experience and investigate land management systems outside of the current Indian Act system. She sees limitations in dealing with INAC for day to day land administration. She looks forward to the multi-staged process of developing a Land Code and ensuring community involvement at each step. A favourite past time of Lisa’s is processing traditional foods, so she embraces land management that maintains access to traditional food sources.

Troy Sam

Troy joined the Land Management Committee to help the community transition towards a self-sustaining and self-governing role in land and resource management. He hopes to see Kitsumkalum align with other communities that are successfully operating under their own Land Code. Troy is an advocate for sustainable and responsible land and resource management, especially when it comes to the forests!

Allan Bolton

Allan joined the Land Management Committee to support with mapping and planning components. He assisted with the Treaty Office’s Land Use Planning process and looks forward to planning for the reserve areas. Allan is an advocate for land and resource management that ensures the continuation of his favourite past times - fishing, boating and getting out on the ATV!

Charlene Webb

Hello, my name is Charlene Webb, as a band member I signed up to be part of the Land Code Committee because I want to be part of the “Change” and the first step starts with each of us. I see the benefit of Land Code and feel this is a step in the right direction for Kitsumkalum.
Having our own land code will empower Kitsumkalum Band Members to have a say in how we govern the Reserve lands. I look forward to hearing from the membership on what you would like to see in our Land Code. At the end of the day we all want to protect the Land, Air, Water & Animals. Thank you.

Yvonne Wesley

Coming Soon!

Mag de Grace

My name is Mag, I am the Community and Land Code Planner for Kitsumkalum. I grew up in Prince George and followed the steps of my father and grandfather and worked in the forestry industry for years. Before moving to Terrace I worked as a Planner for the Town of Golden after receiving my Professional planner designation and a degree in Geography.
Please drop by the Economic Development Office to say Hi and ask any questions. I am looking forward to getting to know the community and meeting you at upcoming community events.

Wayne Bolton

Coming Soon!

Jeanette Spalding

Coming Soon!

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