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Over the next two (2) Saturdays, February 1st and February 8th joint meetings will be held between Kitsumkalum Chief and Council, the Kitsumkalum Housing Committee and selected primary occupants of…

Community Wood Pellet Day is Saturday, February 1st, 2020 at the Kitsumkalum Boat Launch Bring your own bags/containers to be filled. Donations will be grafefully accepted, benefitting a variety of…

How Much Snow Can Your Roof Support? Avoid Roof Collapse Visit for information and tips on how to evaluate how much snow your roof can handle and how to…

Monetary, clothing and house hold donations can be brought to the Kitsumkalum Health Centre.

IMPORTANT NOTICE To Whom This May Concern: For those Kitsumkalum members who have submitted or intend to submit a housing application, please be advised that all applications as received will…

Danger Tree Removal in Kitsumkalum by RainCoast Arboriculture Services. Kitsumkalum is seeking a few power saw operators to buck the fallen trees and deliver them to elders for firewood.

The Kitsumkalum AGM scheduled for November 15,16, 17 is POSTPONED until further notice.

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