As part of FireSmart in 2023, the Emergency Management Department in Kitsumkalum is ensuring anything that can attract the risk of fire to your property is safely removed. If you have a vehicle that needs to be salvaged, please email me directly.

What I need from you if you have a vehicle (s) for salvage is the following:

  • First & last name
  • Make/model/colour
  • Location/address
  • Consent to have the vehicle(s) removed by stating in your reply email: I consent to have my vehicle(s) towed from the premises.

In 2022, Kitsumkalum Emergency Management successfully had 34 vehicles removed from our community.

*Please note, that boats and rv’s are not accepted at this time*

Thank you for helping our community be safer,

Joel Brousson

Emergency Program Coordinator

Kitsumkalum Band, Terrace B.C.


C: 250.631.9511