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‘Na Aksa Gyilak’yoo School is a certified and accredited by both the BC Ministry of Education and the First Nations School Association. It is conveniently located 5km West of Terrace,…

Ama Sah NAGK Parents and Students, ‘Na Aksa Gyilak’yoo School, like other Independent Schools in BC, will be closing their doors indefinitely as stated by the Minister of Education, Rob… PDF Notice: School Closure January 23, 24 2020

Due to poor weather conditions, ‘Na Aksa Gyilak’yoo School will be closed today. Teachers and EAs have been contacting parents to notify. Our school buses won’t be leaving the school…

Download Application & Declaration Jr Teacher – Maternity Cover Posting 2020 NAGK Applicant’s Declaration and Agreement JAN 2020

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