What has been done:

  • Following the BC declaration of a State of Emergency, the Kitsumkalum Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) was activated on March 23rd to monitor the pandemic and coordinate communication, response, and planning
  • Kitsumkalum buildings and businesses closed to the public. Business operations modified and staffing reduced to essential levels to minimize the risk of a community outbreak.
  • Business Continuity Plans developed, tailored, and implemented for the safe operation of each department. Where no option to mitigate the risks was available, operations ceased (school/daycare)
  • Kitsumkalum community closed to visitors to minimize the risk of an outbreak on April 3rd
  • Emergency food and supplies made available from pre-existing funding sources for members in most urgent need through the Tempo and the Health Centre
  • the first coordinated food/supply hamper was made available an/or delivered to Kitsumkalum community members living on reserve on April 27th through ISC pandemic relief funding

What’s next:

  • Kitsumkalum Emergency Programs is basing plans on information released by the BC Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry, who is suggesting the pandemic response may continue for 12-18 months in some form.
  • Continued roll-out of assistance programs through to March 2021 if required:
    • Food/supply hampers available every two weeks during the pandemic response, the program will be reviewed regularly, frequency adjusted as needed
    • education outreach and homeschooling assistance to children/students
    • community engagement (bingo, community garden, spring clean-up, etc.)
    • mental health initiatives to assist with acute needs and promote resiliency
    • traditional food sourcing (seaweed harvest/fishing)
    • continued assessment of the needs of Kitsumkalum band members
  • continued monitoring Provincial direction and of the pandemic, both locally and in BC
  • the Kitsumkalum leadership will continue to work collaboratively to ascertain the best approach for the community and implement measures based on, or in addition to, Provincial direction
  • continued monitoring of the food supply chain and planning for possible shortages
  • the Covid-19 pandemic threat and “business operations” will be continually assessed and measures will be adapted, bolstered, or lifted as required or when possible
  • continued planning for, and monitoring of, threats to the community such as wildfire and flood
  • collaborate with training agencies to provide emergency preparedness programs for Kitsumkalum

Fletcher Havelaar
Emergency Programs Coordinator
Kitsumkalum Band
3523 West Kalum Rd
Terrace, BC, V8G 0C8
Office: 250-635-6172 ext. 103 | Cell: 778-316-449