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Celebrate One Year of “Raising Sm’algya̱x” on Zoom: 843 2688 3100 Passcode: Limii

Kitsumkalum members are invited to check out Kitsumkalum’s Language Revitalization Program’s second survey at The survey is 12 questions long and you will receive a gift card for participating….

The February 26, 2021 Weekly Video Update includes: – 3 Gift Card & T-shirt Draw Winners – **NEW** Sm’algyax word of the week – Election results – 4 Training and…

Join us for an Online Tea Party & Book Reading of ‘Wii Amap’asm Hana’ax: Sleeping Beauty Mountain. Fully translated Sm’algyax and English book by the late respected Kitsumkalum Elder Mildred…

Everyone welcome! No experience necessary! A night to learn Sm’algyax while exchanging paint tips! Make sure to have a plate or plastic lid to mix colours on. Saturday February 20th,…

Sunday Sm’algyax – Raising Sm’algyax – Raising Sm’algya̱x Sm’algyax Kahoots – Nigyooks Sm’algyax Saturday Sm’algyax – Juneau Sm’algya̱x Learners (Message the Juneau Sm’algyax Learners group if you are interested in…

Zoom Meeting: Topic: Sm’algyax Paint Night Time: Jan 23, 2021 06:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada) Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 897 7412 8378 Passcode: Maaxii

Raising Sm’algya̱x – Nursery Rhymes Group on Zoom – Wednesdays, 12 pm to 1 pm Join on ZOOM :: Meeting ID :: 810 5407 7306 Passcode :: Luk’wilAam

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