Hi Kitsumkalum Residents!

As Kitsumkalum continues to grow, factors around safety and emergency management advances. The Emergency Management department has partnered with the Land Planning department, in purchasing address numbers for each home within Kitsumkalum.

Although your home may already have signage, we are striving to be unified, for first responders to locate your home in the case of emergency. Not only will the numbers be purchased, but they will also be attached to your home, in a visible location above your front door or garage door.

The importance of safety and locating your home in the case of emergency is a high priority on behalf of the Emergency Management department (your pizza may arrive slightly faster as well!)
Our partners who provide emergency services to our community will be able to locate your home without hesitation as we bring uniformity to our homes.

Thank you for helping the Emergency Management department in this valuable way.
If you have any question or concerns, please reach out.

Joel Brousson
Emergency Program Coordinator
Kitsumkalum Band

Phone: 778.702.1200 Ext # 602
Cell: 250.631.9511
Email: jbrousson(at)kitsumkalum(dot)com

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