Kitsumkalum Economic Development
Research Project – March 28, 2024

Kitsumkalum Economic Development is searching for students/young Kitsumkalum members far and wide to become support researchers to our Economic Development Executive Team.


A research team built of Kitsumkalum students and young people interested in doing research projects on a project-by-project basis. Often there is limited time, money and resources available so a ready to go research team of young interested Kitsumkalum members will be a helpful addition to the Economic Development Administration. There will be a wide range of research topics and multiple layers of knowledge seeking for various business cases.


We expect contracts to be annual. We expect there may be 2 to 5 projects per year and that researching projects will take 6 to 20 hours per project. Project scopes will be well defined and signed off prior to starting. To take advantage of this opportunity you will need to have use of the internet as well as a computer. In many cases there will be the requirement of confidentiality. You will be expected to work with one or more of our executive team and or Joint Venture Partners. Communication will often take the form.of emails and/or on teams meetings. You may be located anywhere, there is no requirement to be here in our office.


There will be an hourly rate for your time, once your documentation and hours have been received via email

Please indicate your interest in this opportunity by signing the document below and adding your email and phone number so you may be reached as the first project will start as soon as possible. Documents/D Collins/Research Team requirements.docx