To the Kitsumkalum Community,

Your leadership team has been monitoring the pandemic and its spread within BC closely, the good news is that we’re seeing a slight slowing in the rate of transmission of COVID-19; this means that the extraordinary efforts and measures being taken are working to help keep us all healthy. However, the continued reduction in the spread of this virus relies on each of us to continue our efforts to practice strict social distancing; it is our only good defense to protect each other. If we become complacent and revert to “business as usual” and socializing as we did before COVID-19 became a threat then the disease will rapidly spread, as it is doing in other parts of the world today.

This is not a time to react out of fear, but instead is a time for each of us to make informed choices and small sacrifices to prevent individuals, families and communities from having to make unimaginable ones. Not listening to the orders of our Provincial Health Officer and warnings from medical professionals around the world will result in this disease spreading and will lead to preventable illness and deaths. All we are being asked to do is stay home, reduce your movements in the community and, in doing so, keep our loved ones safe.

By selfishly not following the Provincial orders, our actions may directly cause severe illness or death. It is that simple.

As a long weekend approaches, and our collective patience for being “cooped up” wears thin, we must find the resolve and stamina to continue to keep the entire community safe. The importance of protecting ourselves, Elders and health care workers by simply staying home, and only going out for essential items with members of your households cannot be overstated.

For all who are feeling the strain that COVID-19 is placing on us, rest assured that Band and Council are working on initiatives to provide essential assistance to Ktisumkalum residents, the details of which will be sent out as soon as possible. I also urge you to please reach out if you need help.

Thank you for your help in keeping each other safe and healthy.

Fletcher Havelaar, Emergency Programs Coordinator
Kitsumkalum Band
3523 West Kalum Rd Terrace, BC, V8G0C8
Office: 250-635-6172 ext. 103 | Cell: 778-316-4499

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