Dear Kitsumkalum community,

I am pleased to report that in the 6 weeks since BC declared a State of Emergency, we have successfully answered the Chief Medical Officers’ call to reduce the spread of Covid-19. The number of new cases in BC is leveling off and the rate of transmission is slowing; this is a direct result of individual actions generating widespread results. Our sacrifices and actions have made a difference in keeping our Northern communities healthy.

We have quickly had to learn to conduct ourselves differently, in both personal and work-life, and yet are still called upon daily to adjust our routines to live with a frightening pandemic. I have found myself holding my breath, bracing for the impact of a novel and poorly understood illness, unsure if enough has been done to protect every person. I suggest that it’s time we take a collective deep breath and reflect on our success. As another weekend approaches, I urge each of you to take a moment to rest and de-stress. Get outside with members of your household for a (potentially drizzly) walk, reach out to family and friends to check in on their well-being, take stock of what you have to be thankful for, and replace anxiety with appreciation for your health and the strength of your community.

We are still looking at a long road before life can safely return to normal, however, and we must continue to exercise caution to prevent further outbreaks. Your Kitsumkalum leadership team is working hard to plan for our continued success in the battle against Covid-19 and is concurrently monitoring and planning for all threats to the community. In the coming weeks, we will aim to build on the initial success of the food assistance program, including both traditional and conventional food sources, and will continue to ensure the most vulnerable members of the community are cared for.

I’d like to finish by recognizing the extraordinary efforts of Kitsumkalum members, businesses, and departments who have come together to aid their community in a time of acute need. It has been inspiring to see ideas develop into deliverable initiatives through individuals stepping up and working together as a team; a team I’m immensely proud of, and to be a part of.

Please continue to be kind and patient in what are challenging times.

P.S. wash your hands.


Fletcher Havelaar
Emergency Programs Coordinator
Kitsumkalum Band
3523 West Kalum Rd
Terrace, BC, V8G0C8
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