• This week the contractor has been working on the following:
    Asphalt Paving along West Kalum Rd, and Spokeshute Rd and Spokeshute Crescent; and
  • Installation of the Slough Culvert for Replacement on Kalum Road West.

Next week the contractor will continue to place asphalt pavement along Spokeshute Rd, West Kalum Rd, and Spokeshute Crescent this week and will continue to place asphalt along Gila Guaw Street and Kalum Rd. West from the highway up to the Tempo Gas bar. The contractor will also work on the following tasks:

  • Tieing in driveways to the main streets to allow or easy access to and from residences;
  • Installing the storm drain across the road from the Water Treatment Plant
  • Preparing for the Sanitary Sewer upgrades along West Kalum Road; and
  • Complete the Sough Culvert Replacement on Kalum Road West.

The contractor will have a few large trucks driving through the community as they bring in the required road gravels. The work zone will likely change from day to day as they are able to place the material quick with the big trucks. Community members should be mindful that the contractor will likely not be in the same spot throughout the day, or from one day to another. They will have flaggers following the work so traffic can be directed through the zone. Access to homes and through the community will be maintained as the work is completed but there may be minor delays and the material is placed and spread. Resident should be able to get through the community from both entrances.

The contractor will likely have heavy machinery at the Slough Crossing down by Tempo this week as well as next week. Traffic through this area will be reduced to a single lane and there may be short delays as the contractor maneuvers equipment around the area.