The road crew is progressing well along Kalum Road West and will likely reach the Gyiik road intersection by the end of the week.

Flaggers remain on either end of the working zone and construction is accommodating driveways at the end of each day to ensure vehicles have access as needed.

Underground Utilities:

The sanitary crew are also progressing and moving further from the school bus pick up area/Water Treatment Plant and towards the sanitary tie in. Unsuitable material is being hauled away from the sanitary alignment and trucks will be seen travelling from this crew into Quarry road.
Drivers are asked to be vigilant when travelling along West Kalum Road.

A communication update will happen when the sanitary tie in point is reached
as there will be a request to have limited use of sanitary services (showers/toilets/washing machines and dishwashers).
This request is expected to come towards the end of the week or early next week.