SPONSORS: Clean Harbors, Clean Harbors Indigenous Engagement Dept., & Clean Harbors Indigenous Canadian/Native American Employee Resource Group
ARTISTS FEE: $500.00
ARTISTS INSPIRATION: Meaningful, positive reconciliation across Turtle Island

THE CALL: Clean Harbors is holding a competition to award 6 Indigenous artists (2 Metis, 2 First Nations, & 2 Inuit) the
opportunity to provide artwork that will be used to wrap a Clean Harbors semi-truck (Clean Harbors Reconciliation Awareness Truck Project). This dedicated truck will travel around Turtle Island in a transport capacity and may also be seen at truck shows and in the media.

THE PURPOSE: Clean Harbors acknowledges that we are on Indigenous lands wherever we live and work. We are invested in reconciliation and working together with Indigenous peoples to support a sustainable future for all. Through this Project and with the support of our Marketing and National Transport divisions, we have the unique ability to work with Indigenous artists to create a travelling billboard dedicated to educating others across Turtle Island of the positive meaning of reconciliation and encourage those we meet along the way to meaningfully invest in reconciliation, as individuals and as businesses.

THE VISION: Our vision for the Clean Harbors Reconciliation Awareness Truck Project includes the following options:
• Six (6) art submissions blended to create a mural which would be used to wrap the sides of a semi-truck (3
• An orange feather on each sideview mirror of the truck
• An image of a pair of children’s moccasins at the foot of each door with the caption “Every Child Matters”
• Clean Harbors Indigenous Canadian/Native American Employee Resource Group logo (as shown above) on the hood of the semi-truck
• Clean Harbor’s logos changed to orange (our standard is red)
• Unveiling and Indigenous community-led ceremony on September 30, 2023 at a location to be determined in Canada
• Postcards/Pamphlets provided to the driver of the Clean Harbors Reconciliation Awareness Truck that will be used to inform people of the meaning of the artwork and the journey of the truck

• Six (6) art submissions incorporated to wrap the sides of a semi-truck (3 submissions/side)
• Artwork submissions may also be added to educational material (i.e.: postcards or pamphlets) that would be distributed by the driver of the truck to provide information about the artists, the meaning of the truck, and the meaning of reconciliation
• Artwork submissions may also be displayed on the company’s SharePoint, and/or website along with brief bios provided by the artists
• Photos of the truck may be captured and shared in various media across Turtle Island

• Artist MUST identify as First Nations, Metis, or Inuit
• Submissions accepted will be photos of illustrations (drawing, painting)
• Artwork provided must have a white background
• Orange will be used as the primary colour
• Artwork will include the Artist’s signature in black in the bottom right corner
• Artwork will signify and communicate positive messaging about meaningful reconciliation
• Submitted artwork will not depict any violence or negativity. (The purpose of the vision and messaging is to encourage positivity)
• Submitted artwork will not include wording, other than the artist’s signature
• Artists will be required to provide a brief bio to accompany their artwork. Biography use will be limited to communications about the Project
• Artists understand they will be asked to sign a release permitting Clean Harbors to use artwork as described prior to fee distribution. (Artists will retain ownership of the original artwork)
• Artists may be contacted by external communications/media companies for interviews as a direct result of their participation in the Project. Artists are under no obligation to Clean Harbors to accept/deny these opportunities if presented
• Clean Harbors reserves the right to refuse to use and remit fee for submitted artwork if the artwork is deemed in any way to be contrary to the vision of this project

ABOUT THE SPONSOR: Clean Harbors is Turtle Island’s leading provider of environmental and industrial services. Founded in 1980 and based in Massachusetts, Clean Harbors operates throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico. Our customer base spans a number of industries, including chemical, and manufacturing, as well as numerous government agencies. These customers rely on Clean Harbors to deliver a broad range of services such as end-to-end hazardous waste management, emergency spill response, industrial cleaning and maintenance, and recycling services. Through our Safety Kleen subsidiary, Clean Harbors also is Turtle Island’s largest re-refiner and recycler of used oil and a leading provider of parts washers and environmental services to commercial, industrial and automotive customers.

Clean Harbors has engaged with specific groups to sponsor similar travelling billboard projects. Most recently, Clean Harbors wrapped a semi-truck with the vision of bringing awareness to the veteran population and honoring veterans.

Contact the Project organizers for additional information or to submit a photo of your artwork for consideration.
Carol Hill 647•455•3955
Summer Ebinger 780•803•0429

• Clean Harbors reserves the right to modify/alter any submitted artwork at its sole discretion.
• Artist agrees to waive their rights to inspect and approve any final use of their submitted artwork.
• Artist grants Clean Harbors the absolute right and permission to use in perpetuity any submitted artwork for the purpose of advertising and publicizing on a Clean Harbors vehicle or any other media channel.