Please note that the road detour will continue to be in place on Kalum Road West today as the contractor works around the Gyiik Road intersection. See attached map with detour location.

Additionally, as mentioned in my last progress update, the sanitary mainline installation will be tied in today.

During the sanitary tie in, the upstream existing sanitary main will be blocked and we ask that the community refrain/minimize use of the sanitary system (showers/flushing toilets/running dishwasher and washing machines) from 11:00am to 5pm for today only.

*** Please limit your use of the sanitary system (showers/flushing toilets/running dishwasher/washing machines) from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm  ***houses upstream of 3570 West Kalum Road, including all of Spokeschute and Gila Guaw***

*2:47 pm Update – The contractor continues to work on the sanitary tie in, but a temporary connection has been made so that sanitary uses can resume for today. It is lifted for today.

We expect the tie in to be completed sooner than this timeline but have included a larger timeframe in case of any unforeseen challenges.

An update will be given once the tie in is completed, and when the sanitary mainline is ready for use.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation,

Site contacts for the construction are:
Christa Bergeron – Associated Engineering – (780) 883-0589
Darcy Budiselich – Progressive Ventures Construction – (250) 641-7433