Hello, Kitsumkalum leadership, hear is just a message to us all even at Christmas time of year, we have to keep in mind that COVID – 19 PANDEMIC is slowly spreading throughout the Terrace region and now spreading in the First Nations communities, our sister/brother village of Kitselas has had their first Covid – 19 fatality loss of life with other risks may follow.


Christmas time is a hard call, to enforce social distancing no home gatherings outside of your home of what so ever, no visiting, no gathering parties, no events, KEEP IN YOUR BUBBLE. 

Wear Masks, wash hands and sick stay home.

Covid -19 Pandemic killer disease is real and nobody’s at fault.

Maybe it’s your life and a person does whatever they want, a negligence act an activity that can be a criminal offence, if the person received Covid – 19 in the village community then its every body’s problem.

There is light at the end of this Covid -19 Pandemic we must keep following the rules staying safe in our village community and outside of the community.

The Covid -19 Vaccine is slowly arriving in the North, a few may hold out from Vaccine for many uncertain reasons, Medical Research Scientist on CBC heard this and had a talk to people out there about the risk points (1) if don’t take the Vaccine your risk is catching Covid – 19, Covid -19 and dying is 10 % to 15%, 20% to 30% you may have brain and lung damage all your life and the rest of the % percentages you may have a mixture of health problems unknown. (2) taking the Vaccine eliminates way less chance of you catching Covid – 19, may get a little reaction most people don’t have any reaction, and you help overall.  

I was told today that what is observed when the Hereditary and Council leadership lay down on the rules others do the same, so all follow the rules and stay safe. Law applies to alland be kind to the care people that have to work this through.

So please keep the word out in our village community to social distancing and stay safe.

Next year we can get back to a sense of normal we just have to get past these few more months.

May you all have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year, Stay Safe.


Thank you,

Don Roberts / Sm’oogyit Wiidildal Waap Lagaax / Gispudwada

Chief Councillor

Kitsumkalum Band

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Terrace, BC

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