Kalum Logistics Park – Creating Job Security for Many Kitsumkalum Members

For Immediate Release

(Kitsumkalum Tsimshian Nation, Terrace BC —- November 9, 2020) —- The Kitsumkalum Economic Development Group (KEDG) has successfully completed the planning and construction of Phase 1 of the Kalum Logistics Park LP.
This new venture brings Kitsumkalum to the world stage in the transportation and supply chain market, benefiting local large to small sized businesses. This project has built capacity for Kitsumkalum community members creating 6 new jobs to start and an expected total of 25 jobs by the end of phase 3.

Planning for the expansion of a logistics park started in 2018 with a vision by Chief Councillor Don Roberts. “I believe it’s in the best interest of our people to make the most out of what resources we have to build our community up and access existing industries in our territory. It’s a big deal for our community, you can almost say these new tracks and our existing connection to the CN mainline reinvigorates trade routes. Trade is nothing new to our people, with this in-land Port we’re helping other businesses trade their goods and improving their access to world markets from our Kitsumkalum village site to our ancient village sites near the Port of Prince Rupert, the original lands we belong to,” says Kitsumkalum Chief Councillor Don Roberts.

Over 6000 feet of class 1 rail has been added, bringing the total number of rail lines in Kitsumkalum to 4. Phase 1 involved adding rail lines KK03 and KK04, as well as expanding & repairing KK01 and KK02 in the Kalum Quarry.

Kalum Logistics Park is now open for business and supporting local business in the region to access global markets. Skeena Bioenergy, a local wood pellet manufacturer, now has direct access to the Port of Prince Rupert via the Kalum Logistics Park. “The Kalum Logistics Park is an integral part of our transportation and logistics strategy, to access key Asian markets through both the Port of Prince Rupert and the Port of Vancouver efficiently and cost-effectively,” said Skeena Bioenergy General Manager Greg DeMille. “This new venture brings significant value to the regional economy, which will continue to grow through the next phases of development.”

Having a class 1 rail system expands business and market options on the types of commodities that can be safely transported and handled. Phase 2 and 3 encompasses the building of more rail, storage and warehouse facilities for light industry, with a major focus on increased safety protocols as rail traffic increases.
Community safety is a high priority along with sustainable job creation; community members can have the option to work close to home instead trying to access career opportunities in Prince Rupert, or Kitimat or in other provinces.

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