May 15, 2023

Hello Kitsumkalum Community, 

As of today, Kitsumkalum emergency management department has activated an  Emergency Operation Center level 1 (EOC level 1) for Kitsumkalum community. Our  emergency management team will be closely working with emergency management BC to  ensure protection of this community. 

Kitsumkalum emergency management team is dedicated to the overall safety of everyone,  trained and ready to respond in the case of emergency with the flooding concerns. Please directly reach out to the number provided if you have direct questions related to this  update. As always, be prepared with an emergency bag and ensure mobile devices are  charged in the case we need to notify you of imminent risk/concern. 


Joel Brousson 

Emergency Program Coordinator 

Kitsumkalum Band, Terrace, B.C. 

Phone: 778.702.1200 Ext # 602 

Cell: 250.631.9511 


Be Prepared 

“How Kitsumkalum Can Be Prepared for the  

Unexpected” May 2, 2022 website post: 

PreparedBC Public emergency preparation and recovery: