Create and submit your lists to Kitsumkalum Health Centre by Friday, December 10th, 2021, 1:00 pm
Drop off with Carrie or email to reception (at) kitsumkalum (dot) com

List Examples:
HOME Emergency List
Emergency numbers, email and address resources list; map & route plans; dry boxes of food, water and clothing, sand bags; reflector cones; reflector vests; and spray paint; extra masks; durable gloves; head lamps; flashlights; candles; handheld radios & batteries (all sizes); heavy long rope; bungie cords; gas; diesel; propane; animal travel carrier

VEHICLE Emergency List
GPS or phone mapping apps; map and route plans; jack & spare tire; jumper cables; battery charger; tri­angle reflector; case of water; First Aid Kit; out door safety kit; strong heavy rope; bungie cords; knife; candles; dry matches & lighters; warm jacket.

FAMILY Emergency List
Emergency numbers: email and address resources list; spokesperson:
safe house: medical kits; Alert Kit for Emergency Health Responders (filled updated for each person
with medical history.

COMMUNITY Emergency List
First Responders contact list; suicide crisis numbers; mental health supports on call; IRS supports on call; health programs updates; RCMP liaison; Child and Families contact person; Covid support contact per­son; Elder support and House member contact lists.

1st Prize: $300 2nd Prize $200 3rd Prize $100