September 21, 2021
Indigenous Services Canada has granted final approval for the construction funding for the new ‘Na Aksa Gyilak’yoo School. Final approval was granted by Senior Assistant Deputy Minister Joanne Wilkinson at the Indigenous Services Canada head office in Ottawa.

Congratulations to the Kitsumkalum Project Team, lead by Chief Roberts, in securing this funding and reaching this major milestone in the new school project. Congratulations also to the many staff and community members who have participated in the planning process and other aspects of the project to date.

Kitsumkalum wishes to thank the team at Indigenous Services Canada BC Regional Office for their work in moving this project through the approvals process:
Heather Leong (Manager, Capital Programs), Doug Froess(Senior Engineer), Jonathan Neuert (Capital Management Officer), Pardeep Sidhu (Former Capital Management Officer), Richard George (Regional Program Manager), Nathalie Lapierre (Infrastructure Manager), Paula Santos (Director, Community Infrastructure), Bill Guerin (Assistant Regional Director General), Allyson Rowe (Regional Director General), Catherine Lappe (Former Regional Director General)