The Kitsumkalum Band would like to request that all band members participating in the Skeena River Eulachon FSC Fishery, acquire harvest designation permits from the Fish & Wildlife Department.

  • Permits will be required for the entire Eulachon FSC Fishery
  • Permits will be issued for a 1-month period
  • Permits will only be issued to Kitsumkalum Band members with Indian Status as defined under the Indian Act

Eulachon FSC Catch Monitors will be travelling the Lower Skeena River, interviewing fishers for harvest and effort count.

Harvest and Effort Counts allow Kitsumkalum to manage and maintain the valuable resource for future sustenance.

In case the monitors miss any harvest date interviews, you can submit your catch and effort to the Fish & Wildlife office.

Harvest Information:
Name Date Start Time Quantity Harvested
Band Location End Time Method

Thank you,
Kitsumkalum Fish & Wildlife Department

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