Open Invitation
All Kitsumkalum Community Members are invited to witness & join a celebratory community dinner.

Kitsumkalum Community Hall
February 14, 2023
Doors open 3:00 pm
Presentation & Signing 3:30 pm
Xbisuunt Dancers followed by early Community Dinner and prizes

Kitsumkalum is happy to announce the signing of a relationship agreement with the Port of Prince Rupert.
This is a momentous occasion recognizing Kitsumkalums Traditional Territory, Title and Rights as well as involvement and presence on the coast.

Kitsumkalum historic coastal sites at Spokechute, Casey Point, Dzagadils, Barret Rock and others show our long term and continued coastal presence. Kitsumkalum has been in discussions with the Prince Rupert Port Authority (PRPA) for quite some time. This agreement with PRPA is another step By Kitsumkalum to work with proponents, Governments and others to maintain our presence, build relationships and prosper from works that occur within our Territory.