Friendly reminder to our community about safe driving this winter on our new paved roads and pedestrian safety.

Safe Driving & Pedestrian Safety

Monday, December 8, 2022

  1. Make sure to have good winter tires and safety equipment in your vehicle
  2. Have your vehicle in good mechanical condition
  3. Drive with caution on corners and hills i.e. Spokeshute Street and Gila Guaw Crescent
  4. Remove all playground equipment from road right of ways, Public Works will not be responsible for damages if the equipment is in the road right of way
  5. Driveways should be clear, and any cars or boats should be clearly marked
  6. Please give the Snow Clearing Equipment enough room to safely do their work
  7. Do not shovel snow on to the roadway and create a hazard for drivers to avoid, the frozen snow can damage the plastic spoilers or bend front end parts for steering
  8. Please do not threaten or harass the Public Works Operators as they work to make unsafe roads, into safe drivable roads for our community.
  9. Be aware of the weather forecast and public warning of heavy snowfall, rain, and wind
  10. Do not ask the Public Works Operators to pull your stuck vehicle out of the ditch
  11. Drive with due care and attention, stay safe this winter driving season.

Kitsumkalum Public Works Department