he contractor is presently working on replacing the road gravels on West Kalum Road from the Water Treatment Plant down to the Band Office. They will be continuing down this section of road tomorrow as well as next week. Once that section of the road is built up they will move to Spokeshute Crescent and Gila Guaw Street and continue with the road replacements up there. 

Preparations have started for the works around the slough crossing. They will continue to work in this area on Saturday and all of next week. Construction will continue in this area for the next few weeks as they begin working on the culvert upgrades. Traffic will be allowed to go through the zone but there may be times where the road is down to a single lane. 

For community access, the Spokeshute Road entrance off the highway is accessible to all vehicles.  Community members are encouraged to use this entrance as there will be less construction equipment on the road. The road by the band office will be accessible to local traffic for anyone needing to get to the health center, school, etc. The contractor will make sure that school buses etc. are able to get to the school while they work in the area. 

Flaggers will be set up at each construction zone to let traffic through and let them know how best to get around the community. 

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