Kalum Logistics Park Job Posting – Labourer

Position: Part-time for 1 to 2 days a week between business hours Monday to Friday. Weekly hours may increase to support Pellet Crew, the Kalum Quarry, or snow removal for the Clean Harbour’s Hospital Camp when they are down a labourer or have to work a second shift. (Possible Shift work and weekend hours may apply)

Job Description:

The position is track cleaning for the Kalum Logistics Park.  Applicant must be willing to train in track maintenance and safety.  There will be opportunities to operate small machinery as well.  Having a valid drivers license is an asset.


  • As the track cleaner you will be expected to remove brush, vegetation, snow, litter, debris from the ballast, track, switches and rail crossings in the Kalum Logistics Park.
  • report to management when the switches need to be repaired
  • Count rail cars
  • Establish and maintain drainage
  • Clean up after work completion
  • Understand and comply with track safety standards, Operating Rules and Safe work procedures
  • Operate small machinery when needed.


  • Must have a valid drivers license or date of when you will have one
  • Must be physically fit to work on your feet for the duration of your shifts
  • Must be able to work/communicate effectively with your team members
  • Must be able to work outside during all kinds of weather elements especially rain during – Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall.
  • Must be willing to take the necessary training to do the job effectively and efficiently.
  • Walking and working on uneven terrain and surfaces.
  • Must be mechanically inclined
  • Must be reliable, dependable and hard worker

Please send your resume and cover letter to:

Diane Collins dcollins (at) Kitsumkalum.com and Diane Lukasser ecdev (at) kitsumkalum.com

This posting will remain open until filled.