April 11, 2024


Condemnation of Assault and Arson Towards Kitsumkalum a Tribe Proper of the Ts’ymsen Nation


In the early hours of April 11th, 2024, an act of arson caused significant damage to the Kasiks Wilderness Resort highway sign, resulting in half of it being destroyed. This deliberate act deeply saddens the Kitsumkalum community and the dedicated team members at Kasiks Wilderness Resort, owned and operated by Kitsumkalum Economic Development Group.

The perpetrators behind the arson remain unidentified, but this event coincides with the vandalism and desecration of another Kitsumkalum historical information sign at the Andesite boat launch, along with the concerning placement of misleading information signs along the Skeena River highway corridor.

At 1:33 am, Liam Nutma, Kitsumkalum’s Emergency Program Coordinator, received a call from the Terrace Fire Department regarding the fire. Fortunately, observant individuals came upon the fire while driving past at 1:15 am and promptly attempted to extinguish it and dialing 911. Kitsumkalum and the Kasiks team extend their heartfelt gratitude to these individuals for their swift and selfless actions. They also express relief that the incident occurred during wet weather conditions; without rain, the consequences could have been devastating.

“This act is deeply hurtful and represents a clear assault and escalation of efforts to rewrite history and erase Kitsumkalum, a Tribe Proper of the Ts’ymsen Nation from the Coast and the Skeena. We have silently endured discrimination from some of our own neighbouring kin for years, it’s sad what colonization has done” remarked Heather Bohn, a Kitsumkalum community member and Resort Manager. “The timing of this incident, coupled with the destruction of our sign at Andesite boat launch and the placement of misleading signs along the Skeena, makes you question if all three events could be more than mere coincidence.”

“Kitsumkalum acquired the Kasiks Wilderness Resort property in 2020, following acknowledgment by the previous owners that the land resides within the heart of Kitsumkalum Traditional Territory. We were granted the first right of refusal,” stated Sm’oogyit Ha’uts of Wapp Lagaax, Kitsumkalum, Troy Sam. “Despite doubters, we are steadfast in our mission to build this property into a welcoming, family-friendly resort, fostering economic and tourism opportunities for not only our community but the region. While some may seek to intimidate us, we stand firm in our identity and history. Kitsumkalum has always acknowledge that we share lands with neighbouring tribes, we invite dialogue with the individuals responsible in hopes of fostering peaceful understanding and collaboration. Together, we are stronger.”

This incident unmistakably constitutes arson, where individuals deliberately and maliciously set fire to Kitsumkalum/Kasiks property with the intent to cause harm and damage. Anyone with information is urged to provide tips to CrimeStoppers at 1 (800) 222-8477, referencing police file number 24-2889.

Kitsumkalum is a Tribe Proper of the Tsimshian Nation with archeological evidence supporting our place in history along the inland areas of the Northwest Coast prior to 1846 and beyond.

Kitsumkalum is one of the 14 tribes of the Tsimshian Nation in British Columbia, Canada. We are beyond excited to welcome visitors from near and far to our territory and to showcase the best in Tsimshian hospitality at Kasiks Wilderness Resort.

In early 2020, Kitsumkalum purchased Kasiks Wilderness Resort under the leadership and direction of Sm’oogyit ‘Wiidildal of Waap Lagaax, Chief Don T. Roberts. The property is located at 8931 Highway 16 West, Terrace, BC.

This area is part of Kitsumkalum’s territory which includes coastal and inland areas along the Skeena River. The traditional name for the area is Ts’iwaan Loop, translating to ‘stone finger’ in reference to the landforms on either side of the Skeena River that cause a natural narrowing of the waterway, ideal for fishing. This ancient site was a key locale for fishing, hunting, and other river and land-based activities that form the lifeways of the Kitsumkalum people.

The resort is managed by the Kitsumkalum Economic Development Group. Since taking ownership, several improvements have been made including upgrades to the septic and water system, electrical to campsites and EV charging station as well as renovations in the lodge. This is just the beginning of many positive changes to come.

Kitsumkalum will continue to transform the property to a world class destination for Indigenous Tourism to share Kitsumkalum and Tsimshian cultural history.


Heather Bohn
Communications Coordinator, Kitsumkalum Band
Manager, Kasiks Wilderness Resort