kkb-cresentshapeThe Comprehensive Community Planning (CCP) project focuses on the longer term planning and bigger picture thinking that is global in nature and identifies
long-term vision, values, principles, criteria, indicators, and benchmarks.

What will a Comprehensive Community Plan do?

  • Assists Chief, Council and our members in evaluating proposed developments to ensure that they are consistent with the vision and objectives of our members as expressed in this plan;
  • Provides direction on growth over the next 10 – 15 years;
  • Is a tool to help guide our decisions now and in the future to develop and protect our lands in a way that reflects our environmental, spiritual, social and economic values
  • Reflects our decisions about what types of uses we want to allow on our lands and where we want to allow them;
  • Sets out an Implementation Strategy to ensure that the directions set out by the Plan are achieved;
  • Achieve a Community Vision, reflective of Kitsumkalum collective values

About Kitsumkalum CCP

What’s in a Comprehensive Community Plan?

Kitsumkalum’s Comprehensive Community Plan will cover a broad spectrum of topics: the use of resource lands, protection of culturally-significant areas, identification of economic development zones, and plans for housing . The Plan takes a short-to mid-range view (5 – 15 years) on land development, land protection, and growth and change in our community, working hand in hand with Land Use Planning to avoid overlapping efforts.

Along with lands and resources, the Comprehensive community plan will also cover goals, objectives, and activities for health, infrastructure development, culture, social, education,
economy and governance.

Download Kitsumkalum Draft CCP