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  1. Decorate hearts with your family and friends, hang them in your window, or drop off an envelope at a long term care facility to brighten their views
  2. Bake/drop off food for those still working
  3. Volunteer to go grocery shopping for a neighbour who can’t leave their house
  4. Volunteer at the Kids Help Phone texting line. Only a commitment of 4 hours/week. Details here:
  5. Make small food boxes and delivery to families in need
  6. Check out Virtual volunteering for other ways to volunteer remotely:
  7. Take an online course to learn how to deal with stress and anxiety during this time. Pass on the info to your friends. Details at:
  8. Help those with reading disabilities have access to books. More info at:
  9. Help those who are blind or low vision read. Everything done via phone. Details at:
  10. Reach out to family and friends, tell them you love them. Offer support and a listening ear.
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