Kitsumkalum remains an important part of the Tsimshian Nation and continues to maintain a strong connection to the Kitsumkalum Valley, Skeena River and Coast through our past and presence in our laxyuup (lands), and our heavy reliance on the resources in the areas.

Kitsumkalum Way of Life in Pictures

luup'is (mend net) - Kitsumkalum net menders

Luup’is (mend net) – Kitsumkalum net menders

Lup’is aat di dzabit. Mending the net is what he does. -Photo courtesy of Lisa Wesley


Sihat’al (get strips of cedar bark)

Dm sihat’al’nm dziła Ha’li’la̱xsiła̱’a̱sk. We’ll get cedar bark strips in May.

Kitsumkalum Button Blanket

Gwis’nap’a’la (Button Blanket)

Gwis’nap’a’la di sgüü da k’oy dan ap luk’wil łuut’ikt. I have a button blanket and I really treasure it. -Photo courtesy of Rob Gerow

Tsimshian Tyee Rock Painting

Tsimshian Pictograph at Tyee along the Skeena River

Images of a face and seven coppers, painted in red ochre on a vertical rock wall at Tyee along the lower Skeena River were an “advertisement” for a local chief….


T’iibn (Sea lion)

Kba t’iibn dm hoym dziła g̱aw’nsgm ał ḵ’a̱wtsi. We’ll use sea lion grease when we finish the oolichan grease.

Gyels (mussels)

Liksgyigyeda gyels da’al ‘yaans. Mussels are different from chitons.

Sea Urchins while out on the land harvesting Kitsumkalum

Asuu (Sea Urchins)

Ła si gyootgidm si ts’akwe’atsm. We’re going out to get sea urchins. -Photo courtesy of Don Roberts


Smmaay (Blueberry)

Smmaay dm ga̱bm dziła txooxgm. We’ll have blueberries when we eat.


‘Nluułk (Nest)

Heelda ng̱a̱’nluułga xsgyiik. Eagles have a lot of nests.

Kitsumkalum Community Member smoke house

Wa̱p sip’iyaansk (Smokehouse)

Lu’yaag̱a hoon da wa̱p sip’iyaansk. The fish are hanging in the smokehouse. -Photo courtesy of Lisa Wesley

Kitsumkalum Pink Shirt Day

Xswüłeexsk (Pink) Shirt Day

Kitsumkalum Pink Shirt Day 2016


K’wila̱’ma̱xs (Hudson’s Bay Tea)

Dm güültm k’wila̱’ma̱xs dziła Ha’lisgwaytk. We’ll pick tea on Sunday. – Photo courtesy of Cynthia Bohn


Ma̱guul (Strawberries)

Nah lu llooksntu ma̱guul. I preserved strawberries.

Su-sit’ Aatk Carvers

Su-sit’ Aatk Pole Raising

1987 Su-sit’ Aatk Pole Raising

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