Message from Kitsumkalum Housing & Property Development – Spring Cleaning

March 16, 2021

As spring approaches this is a friendly reminder from Kitsumkalum Chief and Council and the Housing Committee of the responsibilities and requirements of those who remain in active Section 95. housing.

1. Storage of non-operational vehicles and/or unusable boats and trailers

Please avoid storage of immobile uninsured vehicles and recreational boats and trailers on your property. In the event of an emergency or fire; your vehicle/s, boats and trailers could become a hindrance and prohibit emergency services from saving lives and/or property.

2. Carports

Please avoid the storage of unusable furnishings and garbage within your carport. Both furniture and garbage can be an attractor for unwanted rodents. And, given the time of year you are encouraged to keep your carport clear and NOT store household garbage outside as this practice WILL undoubtedly attract bears and other wildlife looking for food.

3. Maintenance

Furnace Filter – Please ensure to routinely replace your furnace filter to ensure your furnace is providing clean and unencumbered air flow. A dirty or clogged furnace filter could be cause for increased operational costs.

Gutter Cleaning – Clean gutters will allow proper water flow ensuring disbursement through designated drainage systems. Plugged gutters or downpipes could disburse water ineffectively and inefficiently and could be cause of future foundation damage.

Lawn Care – Occupants of active Section 95. housing are required to provide routine lawn maintainece, including: regular lawn cutting and watering.

Please assist in helping to maintain a safe and healthy community.