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Friday, May 14, 2021 

To: Kitsumkalum residents 

Re: Water reservoir is low, please conserve water 

One (out of two) of Kitsumkalum’s water pumps stopped working to back flush. This takes an hour to do and when the back flushing is completed the pump must be turned on manually. 

Kitsumkalum’s water reservoir is down to 66% of capacity. 

We need to conserve water so that when the pump is turned back on manually, we will fill the reservoir today. 

PLEASE CONSERVE WATER – Keep all sprinklers and hoses OFF. 

It is unknown when both pumps will be fully operational. In the meantime, please conserve water. 

An update will be provided once both pumps are working again. 

UPDATE 2:45 pm, May 14th, 2021: Both water pumps are working again. It will take a few hours to re-fill the reservoir.

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