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Platforms for the Office of Chief – One to be elected:

James Cooley

Nicole Halbauer

Don Roberts

Janice Robinson

Troy Sam

Platforms for the Office of Councillor – Seven to be elected:

Matthew Bartlett

Cynthia Bohn

James Bohn – not submitted yet

Warren Bolton

Wayne Bolton

William Christiansen – not submitted yet

Nicole Halbauer

Aaron Horner

Michelle Horner

Armin Musterer – not submitted yet

Neil Okabe

William Osborne – not submitted yet

Marcel Robinson – not submitted yet

Troy Sam

Herbert Spalding

Jeanette Spalding

Christina Stanley

Charlene Webb

Kathy Wesley

Lisa Wesley

Voting Day is February 24, 2021

More information about the 2021 Election can be found on One Feather’s website:

Candidates can email their one page platform/bio to info (at) and drew (at)

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