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Kitsumkalum Christmas Gift 2019 – One per household, on and off reserve.

To register your household please download and fill in the form provided:

Form to fill in manually then scan and send back: MANUAL FORM

Form to fill in electronically then save and send back: ELECTRONIC FORM (Click the link, then download directly onto your device by clicking the download icon on the top right corner (if it’s not there it’s in the top-left drop down menu) and open the file from your download folder)

Please attach an October, November or December 2019 copy of one of the following documents to verify your household address:

  • UTILITY BILL in your name (ie. BC Hydro, Gas, Cable, Phone etc.)
  • Photo I.D. with current address

In order to qualify, you must complete and return the form to the Kitsumkalum Band Office for verification by one of the following methods:

  • FAX: 250-635-4622
  • EMAIL: (can be found on the form)
  • MAIL: PO Box 544, Terrace B.C.  V8G 4B5

If you live in Kitsumkalum or Terrace the cheque can be picked up in the Band Office on December 6th, 13th or 20th if the form is received two (2) days before these dates. If you do not live nearby, cheques will be processed on the above dates and mailed out.

Forms will NOT be accepted after December 31st, 2019.[/column]

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