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During this time of the COVID -19 situation our FAST Volunteers are taking safety precautions to ensure we are keeping ourselves and community safe.

We are following all guidelines put forth by our local Health Stations, FNHA, and Northern Health. Our communities are refusing all outside visitors, our volunteers will not be responding to suicidal ideations and behaviours, if someone is communicating these thoughts over social media or other means, our volunteers will not be called to meet with the individual, however we are advising if and when possible they may use private messaging not FACE Book to support someone. Based on our ASSIST Training they will direct this individual to seek medical attention as soon as possible.

During this time of the COVID -19 Pandemic, in order to support someone who is in a suicidal crisis call 911. Our local RCMP and BC Paramedics will continue this service which they are well equipped.

Please call your local Health Director Charlene Webb @ 250- 641-1553 as soon as possible, and you may call FAST Coordinator Sandra Rodgers@ 778-202-1428 if you have any concerns regarding suicidal supports for family.

If someone is suicidal please call 911, if anyone requires Mental Health support call 1-800 number’s below:

BC Suicide Helpline: 1-888-784-2433

Kuu-us Crisis Line Society:  1-800-588-8717

Native Youth Crisis Hotline:  1-800-784-2433

Mental Health Info Line: 310-6789

“Embracing life through suicide awareness and community empowerment”

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