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COVID-19 Vaccine Update
Off-reserve and remaining on-reserve members please call to book your vaccine.

Kitsumkalum Health Centre is working with First Nations Health Authority, and partnering with Northern Health to administer COVID-19 vaccines to off-reserve Kitsumkalum members and on-reserve members who have not had their vaccine yet.

Please call the Kitsumkalum Health Centre at 250-635-6172 with your date of birth, care card number, and contact information. Appointments at the Terrace Sportsplex (3320 Kalum Street, Terrace, BC) will then be booked for you for the first week of April.

T’oya̱xsut ‘nüün (thank you),

Kitsumkalum Health Centre
T: 250-635-6172, C: 250-641-1553

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