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The current COVID-19 pandemic numbers in British Columbia:
1,174 confirmed cases as of April 3, 2020
641 recovered in BC
35 deaths in BC, 53 new cases
146 hospitilized with 64 in ICU 176 cases are linked to care homes.
Cases by region:
541 Vancouver Coastal Health
412 Fraser Health
74 Vancouver Island
126 Interior Health
21 Northern Health

A few points to take note of for Kitsumkalum:

  • We need to continue to hold the line against the spread of the disease, social distancing is working!
  • The community is closed to visitors, it is essential to respect the closure in order to protect the entire community. Please respect the closure, it is for everyone’s safety!
  • The school and daycare will remain closed, facilitators will be reaching out to affected families where applicable.
  • All Kitsumkalum offices remain closed to the public until further notice.
  • Increased support for all who need it is coming, standby for announcements soon.

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll work with Charlene and our excellent Health Centre Staff, as well as provincial resources, to provide sound advice.

Fletcher Havelaar, Emergency Programs Coordinator Kitsumkalum Band
3523 West Kalum Rd Terrace, BC, V8G0C8
Office: 250-635-6172 ext. 103 Cell: 778-316-4499

Kitsumkalum Health: 250-635-6172
Northern Health COVID-19 Online Clinic and Information Line: 1-844-645-7811
HealthLink BC: 8-1-1; Hard of hearing/deaf: 7-1-1
First Nations Health Authority Information:
BCCDC Case Counts & Press Statements:

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