COVID-19 Related Measures Act – May change January 8th, 2021 depending on BC Provincial Health Officers Orders


All social gatherings with anyone outside of your household or “core bubble” are banned — that includes playdates, dinner parties, backyard barbecues and get-togethers at a restaurant or bar. People who live alone cannot host gatherings but can continue to see one or two of the same members of their core bubble at home.

What is a household?

A household is defined as a group of people who live in the same dwelling. If you have a rental suite in your home, the suite is a separate household. If you live in an apartment or house with roommates, you are all members of the same household.

What is a ‘core bubble’?

Some people may also have someone they don’t live with but still need to see regularly. That might include a partner or a co-parent. A core bubble should only include a maximum of two people outside your household.

FINES – $2300 (owner or organizer)

– An owner or occupant permitting a person outside of the household to be present at a private residence or vacation accommodation for a purpose that is social in nature, with the exception of those who live alone.




Masks are now mandatory for everyone in indoor retail and public spaces. That includes malls, grocery stores, liquor stores, community centres, municipal buildings, libraries, common areas in hotels and restaurants and bars when not seated at a table.
They’re also required in shared areas of workplaces including elevators and break rooms, and in any places where physical distances cannot be maintained, like meeting rooms with more than four people.
However, they are not required in schools.
Failure to wear face-covering in indoor public space – $230



These have also been suspended, whether indoors or outdoors. That means no galas, theatre performances, musical concerts, film screenings in a theatre or events to mark the season.
However, Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry says that medical gatherings, including group support meetings like Alcoholics Anonymous, are still permitted if they involve fewer than 50 people and have COVID-19 safety plans.
Weddings, funerals and baptisms are permitted with a maximum of 10 people and if they don’t include a reception.
All indoor and outdoor adult team sports have been prohibited
FINES – $2300 (owner or organizer)
– An owner or organizer permitting more than 50 patrons to be present at a support group meeting, free meal for people in need, or program for children or youth.
– An owner or organizer permitting more than 10 patrons to be present at a wedding, baptism or funeral.
– An owner or organizer of an adult team sport event, indoor group high-intensity fitness activity or in-person religious or worship service.
– Operate or permit to operate a limousine or party bus where passengers cannot be accommodated safely.
– A person permitting a place that is subject to the Food and Liquor Serving Premises Order to be used for an event, including a private event other than a support group meeting, a meal provided without charge to people in need, a wedding, funeral or baptism, or a program or sport for children or youth, that complies with this order.

FINES – $230 (patron/participant)
– attending a support group meeting, free meal for people in need, or program for children or youth where there are more than 50 patrons.
– attending a wedding, baptism or funeral at which there are more than 10 patrons.
– attending events that are unorganized or spontaneous (e.g., the Granville Street Hallowe’en party).
– attending or participating in an adult team sport event or indoor group high-intensity fitness activity or in-person religious or worship service.


Promote or encourage attendance at non-compliant gathering or event – $230
Fail to comply with direction from enforcement officer- $230
Abusive or belligerent behaviour – $230
Fail to comply with patron requirements or conditions – $230


Kitsumkalum IR’s are to follow all BC Health Orders.

COVID-19 knows no boundaries, even though IR’s (Indian Reserves) are federal lands, all households are to follow BC Health Orders on Kitsumkalum reserves.