Message from Housing & Property Development – Pandemic

During these trying times we are all asked to take every precaution to avoid contact, social distance, wash your hands and wear a mask suitable for your protection and for the protection of your loved ones and others around you.

Kitsumkalum Health and the Provincial Public Health Authorities have provided protocols that are intended to keep us all safe and these measures must be followed until we are assured that the environment around us is safe.

As Kitsumkalum is small community it is especially critical at this time that we do not become complacent and let our guard down. Covid-19 cases continue to be on the rise in the Northern Health Region and by our commitments to health and safety we will all get through this.

Housing & Property Development is urging all Kitsumkalum residents who for food, medical or other necessities must frequent businesses in the City of Terrace that you do so cautiously.

As Covid-19 has lingering existence on flat and smooth surfaces you are urged to disinfect any highly frequented areas of your home, including: kitchen and bathroom countertops, faucets, table tops, etc.

Please stay safe and take every safety measure seriously so that we do not give Covid-19 the opportunity to infect our community.

Thank you and stay safe,

Kitsumkalum Housing Committee
Kitsumkalum Housing & Property Development