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Please verify your mailing address here:

Online voting is also open. For more information for online voting go to:

Questions about how to vote? Contact Lawrence Lewis, Ratification Officer

Phone/Text: 250-384-8200
Office: 250-384-8200
Toll-Free: 1-855-458-5888

Did you not receive the mail out package? Check with us that your address is current.

Band members can update their contact info. with Lawrence Lewis, Ratification Office or through Kitsumkalum.

Ways to update your address with Kitsumkalum:

1. Website:
2. Toll-Free: 1-877-635-6177
3. Local: 250-635-6177
4. Email:
5. Email:
6. Facebook: – Click Contact us
7. Call Mag de Grace, Land Code and Community Planner 250-641-5339

For more information about the Kitsumkalum Land Code go to:

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